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When you are dealing with APIs you always have to save your user tokens somewhere. What most developers do (I tend to think) is to use Android SharedPreferences as it is easy to save and retrieve things. (You could use a Database too, it’s your choice)

But how to get these Cookies when they are given to us on a response? And how to send them back on the next requests? OkHttp don’t handle Cookies transparently, like say, Ion. But it’s “easy” to do it yourself.

What I do is to intercept my Responses via Interceptors (OkHttp 2.2+) and use the same OkClient on all next requests. Every time a new Cookie is received, it is saved on my SharedPreferences and on every Request done after that, the Cookie is added “magically”.

This is a simple solution, maybe there are betters on the wild. But I couldn’t find anything as easy as this for a long time. Hope you enjoy.

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Created: 2015-04-01